Learn how to set yourself up for a holeshot for every discipline of racing. Program inventor, Ricky Dietrich, has successfully won championships in a variety of moto racing. Whether it be offroad, motocross, supercross, arenacross or endurocross, Ricky has the tools for you.


Hand/Eye Coordination

Learn critical techniques used with stimulating advanced coordination skills. Make timing irrelevant to your gate drop.


Knowledge is Power

Educate yourself on proper gate drop skills and learn secrets the top level pros have been utilizing. This will teach you how and when to apply certain techniques for maximal output.

Bike Setup

Approximately 80% of racers attempting to race at a professional level have their bike setup wrong for them. Just as no two snowflakes are the same, neither is your bike setup. Learn how to make adjustments specifically for you.

Ready to complete your moto regimen?

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